InsingerGilissen Bankiers

Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven | Netherlands

Project Manager Orange Relocation, the merger of Insinger de Beaufort and Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers, reporting to the COO.
Insinger de Beaufort and Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers are both private banks, located in the center of Amsterdam. After the acquisition of IG, both banks are part of KBL European Private Bankers (Luxembourg). The project is the merger of the 2 Amsterdam branches of KBL European private Bankers into InsingerGilissen Bankiers.

The Relocation project includes the relocation of the Amsterdam office, refurbishment of this office and the relocation of the staff. Also part of this project are the upgrade of the Data Center, Disaster Recovery, external catering and the relocation of the offices of InsingerGilissen in the Netherlands.

Landelijk Bureau Inning Ouderbijdrage

Rotterdam | Netherlands

Project Manager Relocation Plan for the office of LBIO in the Hague, reporting to the CEO.

LBIO is the Dutch Government organisation executing tasks for the Minister of Justice and Safety in the field of maintenance allowance. A Relocation Plan is required due to a reorganisation of the business and an upcoming lease end/renewal.

The Relocation Plan includes the planning of the office and Data Center, planning and budget.

Eneco Energy Trade

Rotterdam | Netherlands

Project Manager Relocation and implementation of The New Way Of Working (NWOW) of Eneco Energy Trade, reporting to the COO.

Eneco Energy Trade is the Eneco business unit responsible for energy trading and operations.

The Relocation Project is to move of Eneco Energy Trade to the new Eneco Head Office. All Eneco business units are moved to a central new Head Office. In the new Head Office Eneco introduced the New Way Of Working.

The project includes the relocation and the implementation of NWOW for Eneco Energy Trade. Energy trading and operations is a 24/7 business. Interruption of the opertions is not acceptable. The relocation of the traders and operators was executed without any interruption of business.

Derivatives Trading Company

Amsterdam | Netherlands

Program Manager Relocation and Office Refurbishment for a derivatives trading company in Amsterdam, reporting to the Executive Board.

In 2006 this leading derivatives trading company has 250 employees in the Head office in Amsterdam and is growing fast. A relocation to a new bigger office is required. Trading is fully automated. This implies an extreme high level of IT systems and infrastructure and an extreme requirements for contingency. This client operates in a highly competitive business. The client’s motto is always being the fastest and the best in the market. This implied managing many changes during the project. This and the high density of equipment made this a special and complex project.

The program included over 20 projects; network, cabling, telephony, design and construction of a data center, refurbishment of the new location and the relocation of IT systems, office and traders. The new location is approx. 4.500sqm office space, 1.500 sqm data center and technical installations and a 1.000 sqm trading floor with 170 plus trader desks. Total duration of the project from initiation, design, construction, implementation to hand over is 3 years.


AMS logo

AMS Financial Group

Amsterdam | Netherlands, Asia, Europe, America

Project Manager Infrastructure Project, reporting to the COO.

AMS Financial Group has offices in Europe, Asia and America. The Infrastructure Project objective is to implement a state of the art, global, robust and scalable IT system for better performance, efficiency and security.

The project includes the  migration form different legacy systems to a new CRM/ERP system (Touchstone NavOne-Microsoft Dynamics).


Amersfoort | Netherlands

Project Manager for the implementation of the New Way Of Work (NWOW) and Cloud Readiness Project, reporting to the CIO and COO.

Stater is a Dutch mortgage service provider for banks, insurance companies, investors and agencies and at the time of the project a subsidiary of ABN-AMRO Bank.

The NWOW Project delivers a flexible and remote desktop and delivers an IT infrastructure, building fit out and processes, enabling location independent access to Stater systems.
The Cloud Readiness Project is a strategic project that will help Stater to improve flexibility, service levels and contingency. The project scope is the business case and implementation plan for the Mail, Collaboration, and the DTAP environments, migrating the current on-premise environments to the Microsoft Public Cloud (Office 365 and Azure)

TGB logo

Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers

Amsterdam | Netherlands

Project manager for the update of IT systems of Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers, reporting to the COO.

Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers is a Dutch private bank and subsidiary of KBL European Private Bankers (Luxembourg) with complex systems and IT infrastructure.

SAN storage
The project includes the replacement of the SAN data storage system and data migration at the production site and at the Disaster Recovery site. The Bank’s objective is to replace the San with a new system to support the organisation for the next 3-5 years and reduce the TCO.

VOIP Communication Platform
The objective is to replace the current PABX system with a VOIP system integrated with TGB IT systems. The business case for this project is improved efficiency through integration. The project team includes representatives of the business and IT. The Program Of Requirements includes a detailed functional description of the different work flows and the required integration with TGB systems. Integration with TGB’s CRM system (TripleA) is defined as a basic requirement.

Data Center Upgrade
The data center is located in the TGB office in the center of Amsterdam. The data center was designed and build in 2002. The air-conditioning and UPS power systems are end of live and need to be replaced to guarantee contingency and support. Part of the business case is the decision to upgrade the current inhouse Data center or migrate to a external Data Center. Based on the business case (financial and business contingency risks) a decision was made to refurbish the inhouse data center. The project includes the upgrade/replacement of the air-conditioning and power contingency systems (UPS and Generator).



The Hague | Netherlands

Project manager and consultant for the new communication platform for the trading room, reporting to the IT Infrastructure Manager.

The project scope is to replace the end of live telephone and voice logging systems. The project includes the functional and technical requirements, request for proposal, tender and selection of the supplier and the implementation of the solution. The integration of the voice system with the banking systems and Unified Communication is an important part of the project.

SBP logo

Schuberg Phillis

Amsterdam | Netherlands

Overall project manager for Schuberg Philis, responsible for the Eneco Energy Trade project, reporting to the Eneco EET COO.
Schuberg philis is a Dutch based IT services provider, delivering 100% uptime for mission critical applications. Schuberg Philis manages the IT infrastructure and technical application management for Eneco Energy Trade. As part of a contract renewal a project is defined to replaces the IT infrastructure and applications and migrate applications and users to this new and improved environment. The project includes the trading room and supporting mid- and back office. Energy trading and operations is a 24-hour business. The migration is planned and executed without interruption of operations.

The project includes the replacement of all hardware and refresh of all systems, including Oracle based systems, trading systems, power plant control systems back office systems and desktops. Move EET to Eneco building
Following the refresh-project EET moved to the new Eneco head office. JanMaarten was project manager for both Schuberg Philis and EET for this move. The project plan included a contingency plan to move traders and operation managers without business interruption.

POC algotrading
As part of the trading activities of EET an algotrading system based on Quanthouse technology is used. Performance is not as expected and a decision is made to build a POC. JanMaarten was asked by EET to project manage this POC. The project team included the head of trading, chief developer and Schuberg Philis and Quanthouse specialists. An inventory of all dependencies and interfaces with trading, order routing and reporting systems was the base for a design for the POC environment.

ING Insurance Central Europe

Poland, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Bulgary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia

Country Transition Manager, responsible for the migration of the IT infrastructure of 8 countries to central managed hosted services, reporting to the V4G Project IT stream manager.

ING Insurance Central Europe is a ING business unit with offices in 8 countries in Europe. The Vision4Growth Program aims to build a new centralised organisation and infrastructure.

The objective of the Transition Project is to deliver an environment with reduced operational costs and improved availability. The project brings IT infrastructure and operations under control of regional IT. The objective of the project is to centralise IT Operations to an external party (IP Soft). The countries involved are: Poland, Czech & Slovakia Republics, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Spain. Main responsibilities of the Country Transition Manager are: co-ordination of change management, HR activities and communication.